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HotForex VPS Hosting  HotForex now offers Free VPS Hosting. The Power of MT4 can now be Leveraged  Free VPS hosting is now offered To its clients. Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting allows the execution of orders 24 hours, 5 days a week. The Free VPS Hosting, there for permits the trader to take advantage of special market conditions which may be unavailable due to time zone or geographical location.

Free VPS Hosting HotForex


Registration time: December 31, 2018

Offer is Applicable: For Both New & Existing Traders.

How to Apply:

  • For Basic VPS – Minimum $5,000 Deposit Require With 5 Standard Lot trading Vol. for each month
  • For Advance VPS  – Minimum $8,000  deposit require with 8 Standard Lot trading Vol.
  • Also need to maintain these requirements for the subsequent months.

Terms and conditions – HOTFOREX VIRTUAL PRIVATE SERVER 2018

Without Deposit, Standard VPS $30/month, $360/year & Advanced VPS $50/month, $600/year

This Free VPS Hosting 2017 Works with ALL Expert Advisors

Deposit over will get FREE Advanced VPS

VPS hosting therefore subsequently allows for your desired EA Application to be installed and run without interruption 24/5 Power outages won’t affect your trading as the VPS doesn’t require the computer to be kept on.

The free VPS service is limited to one account per account holder


CPU Up to 2200MHz  |   RAM 512MB   |   Bandwidth unlimited

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